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OMR, Euglena and Leave a Nest developed and verified an antibody test system for the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Order-made Medical Research Inc. (President: Yasufumi Murakami), Euglena Co., Ltd. (President: Mitsuru Izumo) and Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. (CTO: Joe Inoue) are jointly developing antibody testing systems. Built and verified​.

We confirmed the accuracy of the constructed antibody test system using clinical specimens (hereinafter referred to as “samples”) obtained informed consent from medical institutions.

As a result of the antibody test constructed against those samples that had been tested positive in the PCR test, a positive result was obtained in all of the 75 samples collected 11 days after the onset. This indicates 100% sensitivity in the test.
Similarly, in the antibody test performed on 36 samples that were negatively determined by PCR, all samples were negative. This result shows that the specificity is 100% for both sensitivity under the conditions of the test.※ 1.

Regarding the antibody test system constructed by joint development, the above test results correctly identify the person who has the antibody against the new coronavirus, and the test result of the person who does not have the antibody is falsely determined to be positive. This suggests the possibility of conducting accurate tests that are not performed. This result is an important progress in putting a highly accurate test system to practical use, and in the future we will proceed with research and development aiming to establish a more reliable antibody test system.
*1 The specificity and sensitivity percentages obtained this time show the degree of agreement with the PCR test.

<About Order-made Medical Research Inc.>

Launched by Professor Yasufumi Murakami of Tokyo University of Science, established the innovative antibody production technology LIMAXYS method. An antibody drug venture that enables the production of membrane protein antibodies, which has been difficult to produce until now.


<About euglena Co., Ltd.>

In 2005, we succeeded in establishing the world's first edible mass culture technology for euglena for the first time in the world. A company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which develops and sells functional foods and cosmetics that utilize the microalgae Euglena produced in Ishigaki Island, and conducts research and development for biofuel production.

<About Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.>

Based on the principle of "Development of science and technology and contribution to the earth", with a focus on science education, human resource development, R&D, and creation of new businesses, we have partner companies and public institutions around the world and more than 300 Working on a specific project.


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