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Proprietary innovative antibody 
generating technology

We have established " LIMAXYS ™ ", an innovative antibody generating technology using metastatic cancer cell properties and made it possible to generate prominent antibodies against multi-transmembrane target molecules that have been difficult to create. This makes it possible to generate approximately 5,600 antibodies for all of membrane proteins theoretically.

Furthermore, we are working on to establish " INTAB ™ " internalization antibodies technologies targeting intracellular molecules, and " MUTAB ™ " selective antibody technologies recognizing disease specific immunogenicity changes associated with genetic mutations,  post-translational modifications and others. 

By applying various modalities (new therapeutic approach) with diversified partners, it makes possible to develop and provide therapeutic antibodies for difficult cancer types to treat, which showing multiple phenotypes, including drug resistance, immunological escaping and cancer stem cells,  and for refractory autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and so on, that is expected to cause a substantial paradigm shift in future medical care.

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