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Our Projects

Introduction of Projects

Target S1 Project

(Drug Discovery by Genomics)

Target S3 Project

(Drug Discovery by genomics)

The aim of this project is to generate therapeutic antibodies for colorectal cancer and breast cancer. The expression level of this target is low while high level of expression was observed in tutor tissue including colorectal cancer.  The library of monoclonal antibodies has been already constructed and efficacy of antibody in vitro as well as in vivo are currently analyzed. This target molecule is a membrane protein possessing twelve trans membrane domain and no antibody which bind to the native molecules on the membrane proteins has not been reported.

This molecule is expressed in high level on the wide variety of cancers including colorectal cancer. This target is classified as GPCR which have seven transmembrane domain and construction of library for therapeutic antibody is underway.  It has been indicated that the expression of this target has been detected in 80% in human tissue samples collected colorectal cancer patients.

Target A project

(metastatic breast cancer)

This is a project to generate therapeutic antibody for colorectal cancer and breast cancer patients. This target molecule is highly expressed in various tumor tissues including breast cancer and colorectal cancer, and the expression in normal tissues is rarely detected.  Construction of library for therapeutic antibody has been completed, and efficacy studies using cancer cells and xenograft model are ongoing. This target molecule is a membrane protein possessing twelve transmembrane domain.   There is no report for antibody generation that has ability to bind target molecules on the living cells.

anti-VEGF antibody project

(Optimized antibody)

VEGF has an important role in angiogenesis in tumor tissue.  Library for therapeutic antibodies has been constructed, and our anti-VEGF antibodies can bind to the target molecule with extremely higher affinity than therapeutic anti-VEGF antibodies in the market, the orders of magnitude are 1,000 to 10,000-fold. Main target of these antibodies is colorectal cancer and remarkable efficacy has been already demonstrated.

New project

We will promote research projects through collaboration with various partners to establish “ LYMAXYS™️ “, ” INTAB™️ “and “ MUTAB™️ “ core technologies, and new projects to generate prominent therapeutic antibodies for novel targets using these innovative technologies.

Business model

  1. OMR generates prominent therapeutic antibodies for novel targets and seeds which have been discovered and created under collaboration with academia partners, and validated targets that have been selected by distinct analytical methods, and then prove the concept using unique animal models.

  2. The created revolutionary therapeutic lead antibodies will be out-licensed to biotech or bio-pharma as seeds to develop further using various cutting-edge modalities, or as novel therapeutic antibody candidates for unmet medical needs, and then proceed to pre-clinical and clinical studies with partners. 

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